Wednesday, 20 March 2013



The excellent German firm Schreiber-Bogen have released a wonderful card model of a Roman quinquireme.

It seems to be based on a variety of sources and seeks to represent a battleship from the Second Punic War.

It is equipped with corvus, deck-tent, a pram, tower and sails.

Can't you just wait to cut-and-fold all those oar-blades ?  :)

It may be a good choice for those seeking to -up-scale from Hotz ships, without buying Zvezda or wooden kits. The same ship can be Carthaginian and different ships can be made by painting and adding or leaving-out details. See the model here at Schrieber-Bogen.

It is a nice complement to the Roman Cargo Ship.

And to the Greek Bireme.

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