Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Overall results:


ATHENS: SUNK-2     SINKING -3     ABLE-5     FLED - 1

The Athenians get a bloody nose but still have enough muscle to cow the rebellious Nauseans..

Most aspects of rules worked ok.
I got through 10 turns alone without getting bored using 23 ships !
No record keeping and variable game turn sequence helped a lot in this.
Skill differences worked well to allow better ships to outmanoeuvre worse.
Attack results need tweaking, as ever.
Epibatai combat very inconclusive which forces emphasis onto ships which is what I wanted.
(Note to self - Make more ships !)

 Since concocting first set of rules there have been some changes in approach.

I now feel 1/300 is too big. I want a battle not a skirmish. 1/400 seems to work well. Though these rules would work for smaller lead ships with some detail removed and record-cards adopted.

Ships at smaller size are 'administered' in units BUT still possible to act alone.

Complex manoeuvreing is still possible in the manner of the original ships without using templates for moving or complex calculation.

Record-keeping is ELIMINATED - this is great! Ships status can be seen on-table.

The dogfighting nature of the ram battle can be re-created. Better ships having a distinct advantage after the formations break up.

Now to type the modified rules up in readable language, again...

Any comment from others interested in galley wargames appreciated.

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