Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Had a great (?) idea for the rules. Shift everything over to cards ! Then players hold a hand of cards which they play against each other on behalf of the ships models in combat.

e.g. a trireme wants to attack another. As attacker I play an 'attack' card against my target. He plays a card to defend himself from his hand. Idea is that different ship classes can only use certain cards.

This involved identifying at least four kinds of attack and four kinds of defence.
Then each must translate to a lower class if unplayable or there will be lots of situations lacking cards.
(e.g. 'best attack' only possible for elite ships is translated down to a basic attack for a basic ship.

Then what about movement - might as well use the cards for movment too. A hand of cards will give movement and combat possibilities for each turn. And damage too , should be on card. Just having cards will save a lot of time. Something like Sea Strike crossed with Top Trumps.
I really like the idea .........but it slowly drowned in complication...........

Back to dice.

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