Saturday, 4 April 2020


On 30 March last, a Venezuelan navy patrol ship - 80m Naiguata -

has tried to divert a cruise ship.. RCGS Resolute off its course. By nudging it round at the bow....

This took place off the north coast of Venezuela near  La Tortuga.  Some kind of misunderstanding..

Unfortunately Resolute has a hull reinforced for polar ice-breaking trips and an ice-breaker bulbous bow....concealed under the waterline.
 Lightly built navy ships tend to come off second best against tough hulls as the British navy found during the Cod War ...

Naiguata sank but all hands were saved according to the Venezuelans.

It is incredible behaviour for a navy ship. It is incredible that the Venezuelans had not even looked up their target on the anyone can do .. and seen it was a tough cookie.

This blog approves of the way in which the Venezuelans sought to continue the age old tradition of ramming combat but disavows attacking civilian ships or use of kamikaze tactics.

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