Monday, 16 May 2016


I have put a pilot version of my largest-scale rules online. It is suitable for using with any models that are c. 30cm long. Just adjust the 'hamma' to be about half the ship's length.
Ships could be Hotz card ships printed 150 or 200%. Umbum galleys . Or maybe Revell or Zvezda plastics - even though the rules are made with bireme/'2s'/dikrotic pentekonters in mind.

Fire, other types of ships, etc. I have kept out of this set for now. My play testing is limited to a few games so far so interested to hear, if others try them, how they work out.

The point of them is that the player can move his ship(s) as an ancient skipper and at this scale must make suitable manoeuvres to execute ancient tactics rather than get them pre-packed as part of moves in the game.

You need to download RULES, ANGLE TEMPLATE, TURN TEMPLATE, SHIP RECORD CHART and WAKE MARKER files. Print last 4 at 100% without margins.

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