Sunday, 15 May 2016

Polemos Plastikos II

More Plastic Personalities for Your Crews

The Kybernetes was probably the practical skipper of the ship. He was a very experienced sailor and the helmsman in situations where skill and judgement were needed.
Odysseus' kybernetes sails on with wax in his ears.
The kybernetes used the two tillers of the pedalia so we need figures that can be converted to be standing holding two horizontal levers.
Kybernetes on Olympias - hands full

  The HAT greek catapult set offers various men with a simple tunic that could be adjusted to be controlling the pedalia.
The Zvezda Greeks set offer some light armed men for similar conversion but with a bit more cutting.

Hats are nice against the sun. Weapons should be cut away.
 HAT also have some warriors that may repay some cutting and reposing. The Thebans set has some candidates.
The HAT Greek Mercenary Hoplites set also has some figures which are great for epibates but with cutting could be kybernetes.

Cut unwanted plastic away with a sharp knife. Annoying fronds or threads of plastic can be melted away with a hot pin or soldering iron.

Reposing is done either by melting the inner arm joints a little with a hot pin or soldering iron and holding the new position until the plastic cools. Or by putting hte figur ein boiling water and repositioning after a minute - CAREFULLY FISH THE FIGURE OUT OF THE BOILING WATER WITH TWEEZERS OR TONGS!!

N.B. The figure photos here are from PSR website. 

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