Saturday 5 September 2015


The Spanish company Capitan Games has launched a set of Trireme rules and what seem to be laser-cut wooden kits for ships. They are entitled 'TRIREME COMMANDER'.
The scale of the ships is given as 10mm but no dimensions ascertainable from their website. The ships have optional bits such as rails and prows.
A TRIREME from Capitan
  Details at their website HERE.

Apparently, the rules are best suited to sides of 2 to 4 galleys.... skirmishes then ?

At The Miniatures Page, Capitan say their rules are a modification of Napoleonic gunboat rules which allow for a 'brutal melee of impacting galleys and a crush of warriors on the unstable decks, trying to defeat their enemies with the same weapons that they used as legions or phalanxes.' HERE

Some more details including fotos of rules pages HERE