Thursday 10 January 2019


I have put up a better preview of Shock!andOars at the slowly expanding website. 

The version I have concentrated on is 1/350 for my card ships but they should work from 1/300 down to 1/1200. Smaller ships make it impossible to represent deck fighters so some recording ends up being necessary. The strategy I have used to avoid paperwork is to evolve a control console and markers which are anti-cheat, unobtrusive and quick to use. The differing skills of crews and commanders adds a level of the unknown and extra character to the fight.

I have two (or even more) sets of rules which are suitable for 1/900 or so ships and 1/3600 ships.
These are for progressively larger battles but of necessity lose details I was deterrmined to include in a set of galley warfare rules and so  the bigger ships - my own cards ships - got priority. |If you look at this blog you can see I was at different times considering 1/300 and 1/500 ...This was a tough decision after also building fleets of 1/900 ships from plasticard, paper, bristles and god knows what else.

The focus is on a battle of several squadrons which can be used to fight parts of the larger ancient battles...explanation of this in the rules. I have also made a simple map campaign to allow fights to be easily linked for realistic priorities in battles.

Maybe I am too prefectionist but I dont want this project to be a damp squib like many other wargame rules projects. Money is not the thing (how many galley wargamers out there ?..not many) but the idea of creating a rules set which can recreate this type of warfare and still be authentic and interesting,,and fun..!

I am simultaneously finishing a book on the Four so things are a little pressed. And I would like to put more on the blog. I can safely say that ancient galley warfare is the most interesting and most diverse subject I have found in wargaming over now xxx years and would like to share more before I kick the bucket. I first made a set of rules for galleys in 1980 and was disappointed when I found quickly out they were boring and inauthentic and that the subject was an iceberg of classical scholarship tipped by Charlton Heston and Jack Hawkins on a raft. But I have not let it lie.

I would appreciate a comment from the SandO website if you think this rules set appears interesting.

Our group's ship, Aslak - squint a bit and it is an ancient galley on a Mediterranean shore.!

 Shock!andOars website HERE,,,,, It is @