Thursday 14 March 2019


Mopping up operations commence.....
Three pirates still on the loose. One pristis(centre) is almost within striking distance of leaving the table for a victory point.

 Green trihemiolia disengages after a perfect stern attack.
Red trihemiolia is split between going after the runaway pristis or after the lembus crossing his bows.
 But actually the blue trihemiolia shoots across the seascape to look after the pristis. Green gets free of his prey and is also available in the table centre now.
 Red takes the easiest option and acelerates to take the lembus broadside-on. The pirates continue their run of bad dice and once again the command element is flung overboard by the impact.
Three in one game !? Looks like carelessness...

 Blue manages to connect with the pristis and the usual deadly effects of a stern ram ensue.
Final wide shot of the seascape. All five pirates settling in the water.

Rhodes City 5 Piratical Academicals 0

 A last shot of blue taking the pristis in the starboard stern quarter.
No deck fights were necessary. Few arrows or javelins flew and non found a mark.
The Rhodians won with no damage to themselves. I must refight with 6 pirates.........
The trihemiolia proves to be a vicious war galley, second only to the Three in agility.
The pirates need a tactic better than 'run for the exit!'.

Tuesday 12 March 2019


 While the red trihemiolia attempts to block 3 pirates......

Green and blue line up for attacks on the other group.

 Blue's rowers are in better form and they surge ahead to hit the lembus amidships. Damage is heavy and the pirate command group throws badly, so badly they throw themselves in the drink ......

Rhodos City 1 Piratical Academicals 0

A gap in the foto record here but we can see that up in the NW quadrant red successfully dashed forward and smote a pirate pristis with great force. 
Goodnight Vienna! bravely sang they with suspiciously  Syrian accents as they went down.
While Red did this the two others in the area tried to slip through the centre.
The Rhodians counter by Red slammiung into reverse and pulling round sharply to get in the fight again. While Blue, flushed with victory also speeds astern toward the centre.

Meanwhile Green enjoys a flat-out race with the other pristis which tries to use all its rowers' available energy to stay ahead. But my obols are all on the trihemiolia. (streamers streaming nicely).

 Another shot of the central situation
 Closer view of lembus and pristis trying to make a run across the centre. (streamers also streaming).

Monday 11 March 2019


Small battle with Shock and Oars 'Deka' - 10mm scale.

Five pirate galleys must dash across the seascape and exit opposite corner.
1escapee for a draw and 2 for a win ?

Three Rhodian guard ships interecepting a pirate flotilla. The are trihemioliai. Moving in file.

 Th epirate fleet. 5 small galleys with crews looking suspiciously Seleukid. State-sponsored piracy?

Two types of pirate galley. First, the pristis or 'shark', an open, fast galley with a ram.

 Second, the lembus a handy decked galley. With a few more deck fighters.

 Pirates-eye view of the oncoming forces of justice!

 The pirates split their formation into two.

 Rhodian view bearing down on the pirates.

 The Rhodians also break formation to go for the enemy vessels.

 The red trihemiolia positions to block the pirates making a long run round.
 Cheeky pirate runs across the bow of the green trihemiolia.. will he get away with it ?
 Blue and green trihemioliai go after the two other pirates.

 Part two coming soon.