Saturday 3 August 2019

Egadi Montefortino Helmets : A smidgin more on a new sub-type

Haaretz has an article with a little more on the dozen or so Montefortino  helmets and a nice summarising article on Egadi finds and the history.

Article from Nov 2017 ! How up-to-date I am .....

Click on picture (from Haaretz) to go there.

Another picture and summary at Realm of History blog HERE

Monday 29 July 2019


Two more rams have been lifted from the seabed at Egadi where th ebattle which decided the First Punic War took place.

From La Silicia local newspaper
See Italian report HERE.

Sicilian Regional News film  HERE

RPMN are rsponsible for the site excavation and their 2019 report is HERE.

Two Montefortino helmets not previously seen have also been exhibited.

Also a block of encrustation which includes a 70cm sword blade.,, will it be Spanish type?

As is the usual custom, the publication of the relics proceeds with infinite slowness. Some work on the ram inscriptions has already been done by Jonathan Prag but ......  NOTES here    Paper HERE