Tuesday 19 May 2020

Jeux avec des galères anciennes

A great series of battle reports with a variety of scenarios can be found on the blog of the Brest Historical Games Club  JHP.- Jeux d'Histoire du Ponant.

Battle of Tauris Island HERE
 Not only do they have nice ships, they have nice scenery. (Which ship models ? Ed.)
Nice ripply tabletop.
Still an annoying tendency to throw wierd markers over a nicely made game but.......

Battle of Sybota HERE

The rules used are a modified versionof a set published in Vae Victis magazine in 1996  and Poseidon' Warriors - reviewed HERE.

Battle of Chios HERE

Very nice models and scenery used in varied scenarios to game the best type of wargame!

(Of course the blog is in French. Use Google Translate)

Sunday 17 May 2020

SALAMIS 10mm New Recruits

I got the troops for my 10mm Phoenician triereis today.

Some Immortals..

 And some average 'Eastern spearmen'..

And Immortals again..

I plan to do some small episodes from Salamis..

Great deal from Wild Duck Trading.  I'll get some on the table for a game and post photos later.