Thursday 8 October 2015

Salamis : the long view
Not only does he have a long name, but Buckner F. Melton Jr. likes to make a long podcast. The medium suits shorter pieces, I feel. However, if you like a background for painting or modelling his pieces are ideal.

 NHP Episode 4: The Greco-Persian War and the Battle of Salamis

The one on Salamis is a bit lopsided because the battle comprises a short segement among 2 1/2 hours. (at about 2 hrs ) .Mr Melton's southern drawl massacres Greek pronounciation as mercilessly as the Greeks massacred the Persian ships. The odd style of mainly discussing the historical story using the future tense is also a bit hard on the ear. Maybe a shorter piece would not have made these aspects grate on me so much ?  But a site giving podcasts on ancient galley warfare is a GOOD THING and one must applaud Buckner's dedication in producing hours of material to paint by.

With reference to his account of the battle, it is rather imprecise and incomplete in contrast to his close following of Herodotos through the background story. There is nothing original but he covers most ancient sources. He favours the East-West scenario with ships filling the strait many ranks deep and makes an analogy with Agincourt. There is so much that has been written since JFC Fuller who is cited here that it should whet your appetite to read more for more detail.
Greeks are left blobs, Persians the right.
 I am now lining up a few jobs to do as I listen to the other Bucknercasts.

Tuesday 6 October 2015

When Athens got 5s

The Zea Harbour Project ( Danish Institute at Athens ) is an interesting ongoing project.

Recent excavations have found open slipways suitable for 5s to be hauled up on.

They date to  320s bc presumably and make a nice contribution to knowledge of the later Athenian navy. Maybe open slipways indicate the sheds inside the harbour were still used for 3s or 4s?

Video of the project in a nutshell.

Anyone else see the Angus McBride connection within the website?