Tuesday 29 October 2019


After a a break which has been too long I am back to crank the blog into life again.

The book project has been slower than hoped and sucks the life out of everything else, but the light is visible a long way down the tunnel...on the plus side I have some new ideas on tactics, running the ships and there is so much to say - maybe another book ?

I aim now to post two pieces each week. One dealing with history/archaeology and the other with gaming/visits/books/etc.

Histarch pieces to come....

Tuna and triereis- The fabulous eternal links between the Mediterranean diet and galley warfare.

Shed Wars - The sawdust and soil flies when archaeologists are in dispute.

Shooting at sea in the pre-gunpowder era - Could a ballistics computer help with catapult accuracy?

The Fire weapon- Some ideas go up in smoke, and I nearly do too.


Figures for deck fighters and rowers - which ones ?What scale ? Where from ?

Large scale models of galleys for gaming - how I make mine

Book reviews to come...

Une nave Punica

Zea Harbour II - The latest volume on the naval docks of ancient Athens.

If you have a topic you would like me to address I would be happy to put something together,
Just put a comment in.