Wednesday 3 March 2021

MARINER'S MUSEUM AND PARK : NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA : learning about Africa's maritime history

Mariner's Museum and Park in Va. USA periodically emits youtube vids. I have followed their series on the US Civil War - Ironclads etc. Great stuff.

Then B&%¤# History Month occurred. 

I have no wish to be overly critical to newbie YOUtubers. Or people unused to public speaking. Or people new to a subject. However. The 'interpretation' and education department of the museum has produced videos of a quality which is quite stunning. They stun me. Watching them left me stunned.

Is it just me? Am I too old and too fussy? Is my perspective warped by being immersed in the subject?

Are these vids aimed at school children? If they are....are they suitable?

I will say no more try to watch through these vids and make an evaluation..are these museum-quality productions? Do they prove Africa has an important maritime heritage? 

Remember this is a 'maritime' museum. 


The Nile

The Swahili Coast

I hope you got something out of the exercise.