Sunday 12 June 2016

N-Gauge Fleet Review

After some overtime in the forests  of Thracia and the shipyards of Piræus the Athenian trieres Fleet puts to sea for a test-cruise.
6 triereis with deck crew
Epibatai and command are Magister Militum 10mm hoplites
Bridge-decked and Full-decked triereis
Steaming along..the rowers that is..phew!
Narrrowly avoiding the edge of the world..
10mm hoplites at sea. These photos not the best but I'll put better ones up soon.
  One-to-one deck crew and N-gauge ships seems to be a good combination.
I was pleasantly surprised at how nice 10mm figures are. 6mm are another thing altogether which I have tried but dropped in favour of card units- 10mm are quick to paint and look very nice. There are just four colours on these figures and an ink wash.

The ships are made of paper, card, polystrene, glue and elbow-grease. Oh, and pins. Lots of pins.