Thursday 15 September 2016


53 Euro for something one could make from balsa or cornflake boxes is quite steep. I saw this model 'quinquereme' advertised from Battlefield Accessories..

This is a kit made of laser-cut MDF and is to 28mm scale. 28mm is really 30mm but no one dares say it. OK its fat, giant 25mm. Great for sculptors and easier to paint. I have seen some ugly ships for 25mm which are, as this is, really symbolic representations rather than true models.

The good thing about this kit is that it is modular and can represent a longer or shorter ship. With a nice paint job it will not get in the way of the figures used with it.

On the other hand, it has a corvus which is like a fireman's turn-table ladder, and the hull is not very ship-shaped. 'But your ships are like that !' I hear you cry. Somewhat, but mine are 10cm long. This monster is 50 plus centimetres long. Plenty of scope for modelling.

If you really want a basic ship for fighting across with your chubby giants then how could you build a worse one from balsa, polystyrene or cardboard ? Maybe I  should publish some simple plans here ?

You can also see YOUTUBE videos of building the model. It comes as a short $OZ45 version and the large $OZ80 quinquereme.

Thier diminutive trieres at 8cm for $OZ2.50 is, on the other hand, good value. It makes the best of this material and building technique and you could use 6mm figures on them, or card ones.

See it HERE.
Its scale is about 1/460 and similar to the scale I finally settled for with my card ships.

Capitan also have laser-cut ships HERE