Friday 26 June 2020


The last, and largest of my fleet are the Russian card dikrotic pentekonters from UMBUM.

I have a review of them HERE.

Two ships not passing in the night

Troops are card Greeks and Persians from PERMES

I added some inserts for deck surfaces

Coolio , Julio. Quick build for quick gaming.

Monday 22 June 2020


Following behind  Demetrios' fleet, here come his opponents - the Rhodians!

A trihemiolia - Rhodian speciality

Tetrereis coming up behind the trihemioliai

Another Rhodian favourite - the tetreres

NAUMACHIA : PART XI : And still they come...

Part of Demetrios' siege fleet ? A couple of octoreis, and some covered-in triereis, two of which tow a catamaran bearing an artillery tower.

An octores with fighting tower

Fully enclosed triereis

A slog for the triereis towing the tower catamaran

The artillery tower is packed with catapults I don't have to make !

An octores with fortified bow and massive ram

Sunday 21 June 2020


Blogger's comments system is atrocious - at least how it works for me.

It does not inform if a comment is made. There is no mechanism to find and reply to all comments.

Apologies for unanswered comments I will try to work through some..... frustrating...

Meanwhile, hope you like the fleet review..


The barbarians are here !

Persian triereis provided by the maritime cities of Arados, Sidon, Byblos and Tyre.

Equipped with spike rams rather than the later trident type or the Greek theromorphic versions.


Sea trading and piracy go together like a horse and carriage. It was almost assumed that if you lived outside a city you made part of your living as a leistes or robber. Sea robbers had the advantage of being able to easily destroy all witnesses and evidence...

So it wasn't long after I built some freighters that pirates also appeared, hot on their heels.
Lembi and hemioliai ambush and pursue freighters.

Can sail outlast the pirates' oar muscles?

A motley crew closes on the large freighter, whose crew resists.

But the cavalry is here ! In the form of three pentekonters.

The small freighter is safe now.