Wednesday 3 June 2020

Jollity for June : The Ides of March

Lurcio becomes Caesar ! Try to spot the difference ! A natural patrician..

Raunchy chariot racing, costume changes,  confusion and comicry. Farsicus Maximus.

Shipyards on Overtime

I got the models made and cast off a bunch of ships for the Salamis project.

These are 1/1000 scale - which actually go well with others which are nominally 1/1200.

First my insect collection !

No it is actually a bunch of deck fighter units. I have two sizes so there can be a step reduction for hits.

They are taken off Irregular miniatures 2mm strips. Irregular have many different HERE

Small and very imperfectly formed. But they do the job. I made some small plastic pincers to move them around.

The ships are cast in urethane resin.  Light and easy to cut. I did discover that it needs mega-washing to get rid of the mould-release agent. I think I will go back to vegetable oil ........

This is how 3 days can disappear....

The Greeks.. 5 different.
Note the trieres in the foreground, Andrew....The deck fighters do the job...
 Here are the Persians. 5 different. As with mature wargamers, close-ups can be cruel. But these are painted for mass production. Actually the shields need painting..oops.

And some wreck markers in case the worst happens ...
Some for each side. Plus men in the water !
Any mis-casts can also be used for these.

So that was how the holiday weekend vanished in the shed ! It's like a Tardis.