Friday 16 December 2011

Pros and Cons of Scaling-down

  1. Construction was not too onerous using shortcuts.
  2. Finished models still look far more 'lively' than lead
  3. Cost is very low : pence versus several quid for lead


  1. Construction time
  2. Do the shortcuts detract from the models?
  3. Deck troops..hmmm.. v.small. 6mm still look ok on 75% scale-down.


I printed a Hotz trireme at 50%, 66% and 75% original size.

To simplify the fiddly bits I
  • Left the outrigger off
  • Cut the stem-post straight instead of curved
  • Cut base-tabs and oar-tabs off
  • Did not add extra ram-thickening
  • No interior walls - coloured them black

I used superglue, scissors and a modelling knife.

It was not too bad. Took about half an hour for each model.

It was necessary to secure the deck to the main hull with glue so that unsightly 'wobble' was avoided.

The final models. Viewed here with a full-size 1/300 Hotz trireme and a lead one which, I think, is a Navwar 1/1200(theoretically) trireme.

PDF scaling..aaaargh!

Trying to scale Eric's files for 50% printing proved a nightmare.

Adobe Acrobat only allows limited scaling. Trial and error with the page options failed.

Searched possible options and found, at last, free download of FoxitReader HERE.

FoxitReader has a %scaling option , just set 'Scaling type' to 'Custom' and Robert is your mother's brother.

Having measured the print it is a little variable - just use a constant value to ensure all prints are compatible!

Also, switch centering off - then you can send the card into the printer the other way round and get two prints on the same A4 sheet. (now 4 would be even better ?)Now there is just the question of cutting and assembling................................(but I will stick with card models ..I am hoping).