Saturday 14 May 2016

Polemos plastikos: Part I

I thought I would review the available plastic figures for ship crews.
I used Plastic Soldier Review to browse images I did not have but avoid their pedantic reviews which largely consist of checking figures against Osprey books.

We need various figures for various positions on the ship. Lets have a look what is available and how well they can fit?

THE BOSS : The Trierarch or Pentekontarch.
This was the state representative on the ship and the official commander. He may also have been the owner or financier of the ship. Consequently, his gear should look sharp and his pose a commanding one.
The Caesar officer at left has a muscle cuirass so may be a bit overarmed but he does stand in a commanding pose. The Coates and Shine Theban officer is next. He is also over-equipped for shipboard life maybe but without the spear his pose is a good one. The middle one is a Spartan from the Zvezda Greeks set. A great figure: commanding and wrapped against the breeze in a cloak. The two last are Spartans from Zvezda. They have early cuirasses but stand in good poses. The goat and throat slitting knife can be omitted to give a good ship commander.The last has a shield but his sword can be cut away and his arm raised to make a good commnder also.

Friday 13 May 2016

Nice Galley Battles

Browsing on some blogs I found this...

Battle for breakfast and theatre for tea


Nice one from a fantasy campaign which includes galley battles that include classical to Renaissance types. They use Nauamachiae rules by Langton Miniatures and 1/1200 models in tin. The sea mat and islands are especially nice.

Sicily at the Ashmolean

A little more info about the Sicily exhibition which astarts at the Ashmolean in June.

Get a pdf brochure here from the Honor Frost Foundation.

Apparently the exhibition will include a 'digital reconstruction' of the Egadi battle.

There will be 'several' rams !