Friday 7 February 2020


Some time ago I commented about the advances in 3D printing and what was coming down the pike.

Here is a splendid example of what is possible and what is happening..over at My Mini Factory.

A 'bireme' for the tabletop.

Iain Lovecraft has produced files to print this splendid galley at 28mm scale (or, presumably any scale?) fpr just 36 dollars. If you have tried to buy a resin galleyfor 28mm  you will know this is a reasonable price.

Of course, you need a printer, but if a friend has the machine a pint or two will see him right....

Sadly, they do not seem to have any other galleys in thier catalogue. Yet...

Print and assemble.

Heer and now is not the place to discuss how accurate the model is but it is a) glorious and b) perfect for gaming c) something to impress people that ancient war galleys are something to get into!!

You can find Iain Lovecraf'ts model here. ROMAN WARGALLEY BIREME