Wednesday 1 March 2017

Sneak Preview

A little peek at illustration for something in the pipeline.

Tuesday 28 February 2017

Tit for Tat

Rafaelle D'Amato has been kind enoug to write with some rebuttals to my criticisms of the last two Osprey ancient warship books. I am ignorant of many things, apparently, and am no Harvard scholar.

I will not flood the blog with the twelve pages or so of wordery in one go  but I'll put them up with any further comment over the next month or so and find some graphical stuff to illustrate them.

Meanwhile the new Roman Imperial Warship title should be out soon, so that will also be interesting to see. 

A nice galley picture to finish....

 Here we can see Caesar's ship - apparently a Four ? getting swamped,  as he and his men flee from the Alexandrian counter-attack on the Heptastadion in 48-7BC.

This is a nice illustration from the Dorling Kindersley book on Julius Caesar. The illustrator is also the author, Richard Platt (see HERE). He is a fantastic artist, producing highly detailed and complex panoramic scenes with hundreds of figures. He also does books with cross-sections of ships, buildings etc.

At the moment you can get his book (used) for 1 penny !!!  on Amazon UK -plus postage. Maybe not the last word in academic judgement on J.C. but interesting and lively to read anyway. The best thing is just spending time to scan the complex pictures - it would be great to do with a child or grandchild and spark their interest in  the ancient world. Or just keep it for yourself....