Friday, 16 December 2011


I printed a Hotz trireme at 50%, 66% and 75% original size.

To simplify the fiddly bits I
  • Left the outrigger off
  • Cut the stem-post straight instead of curved
  • Cut base-tabs and oar-tabs off
  • Did not add extra ram-thickening
  • No interior walls - coloured them black

I used superglue, scissors and a modelling knife.

It was not too bad. Took about half an hour for each model.

It was necessary to secure the deck to the main hull with glue so that unsightly 'wobble' was avoided.

The final models. Viewed here with a full-size 1/300 Hotz trireme and a lead one which, I think, is a Navwar 1/1200(theoretically) trireme.

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