Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Version 1.x

After several versions I can now
  • Use thirty ships in a solo game
  • Control ships in squadrons after a battle plan as an 'admiral'
  • Control ships individually with the 'feel' of ramming tactics as a 'captain' 
  • Involve deck troops as more than just 'plus factors'
  • Include land actions as part of the battle
  • Include weather/sea factors affecting the battle
  • Have varying quality crews
  • Have varying quality ships

 I am happy I can have a game which creates something of the 'golden age of ramming' using galleys.
The rules should work just as well for 1/600 lead models or even smaller if some details are cut out.

Once the last diagrams are drawn to clarify exactly how to move and fight I will upload a pdf.
 Now, should they be called 'Blood and Splinters' ? or 'Now the fight is for everything!' or 'The Age of Ramming'...?  And next is to move on and cater for the Hellenistic period...biiiiig ships.

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