Wednesday, 11 September 2013


The battle proper started with the Peleponnesians attempting a periplous with their left.
This was a crucial part of their tactics and for this purpose they had a picked squadron of fast ships to outrun the Athenians who wers till reckoned to be dangerous opponents ship for ship despite the losses of the Sicilian expedition.

The Peleponnesian centre and right just had to drive into their outnumbered opponents and trap them against the coast.

The Athenian left managed to stay off the coast and, though pressed fought on north of Cynossema.

The Athenian centre was driven into shore and severely handled by the Peleponnesian centre.

The Athenian right saved the whole battle for their side. They beat the Peleponnesian's fastest ships off the blocks and outran them to evade the periplous, running before them to avoid their pursuers and keep the whole Athenian fleet from being hemmed into the Hellespont.

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