Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hotz Ships. Going down ?

I was wandering around the web and noticed I could not find any games played with ships or rules in the last few years ! The only games I could find played were small forces of Roman ships against pirates.

But I can also now find 10mm ships available in lead and resin.

Has anyone, anywhere, played a game with the larger  Hellenistic style Hotz ships ?

Does anyone anywhere still use Hotz ships regularly, or even occasionally?
If not it is a shame but the silence seems to point that way.

Anyway, I am hacking out more ships to play my Cynossema seanario, and have nearly finished a draft of the next Peleponnesian War battle(s).


  1. Four years later you get a response...

    I'm currently building (very slowly) a Hotz fleet. The rules I use are Galleys and Galleons.

    Some games can be seen on my blog:

    1. Great to see others are using Hotz ships they are really nice - especially with 6mm figs which are so well painted!