Sunday, 15 September 2013

New Sea

Wandering round a textile warehouse with the better half I acquired two samples of material which could potentially provide a nice new sea.

Vinyl fake leather in sea grey-blue(below, lower) and horrific synthetic velvet we know as 'Nervøs Velour'(below, upper).

The vinyl is attractive because it is durable and cleanable and consistent in quality.
The velour is attractive because is has a lively sheen which looks like the sea.

On balance, the velour does look so much more lively and eye-catching than the vinyl which appears dull and flat beside it. It is also cheap.

I think a new sea is coming, made of nervøs velour. This shade is 'cobalt'. Grey and green also available...
Olympias arriving at Tolo, August, 1990
Olympias on the real 'wine-dark sea'

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