Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hotz ships can be shoe-horned into Ten-Centimetre scale

Looking at my Hotz fleets in a despondent mood ... great idea, great ships but wrong size for me.
Printed at 66% the triremes from HRS are broader and longer than mine. I could print them smaller - but then the construction process becomes too much for my eyes and patience.

Then, comparing the size of the pentekonter and bireme from HRS I discovered they actually fit !
HRS trirem is a bit over-dimensioned maybe. In any case I can use the others unmodified, just printed at 66%.
At 10cm to 35m for Olympias HRS is a bit long and far too broad.But  pentekonter and bireme match well to their original lengths.
This comparison gives a chance to show how the Hotz models have the elegant curved shapes which I sacrificed for easy construction. (In fact, Olympias is parallel-sided for most if her length.)

Anyway, nice to discover I can recycle some models. Perhaps I  may just grit tmy teeth and use the 30 HRS triremes also..?

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