Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Spot the Non-Shah-male
Seeing as how the Great King of Kings often tends to be portrayed as a rather androgynous character is it not rather appropriate if he should get some Trans-Warriors to go along with him on his Persian Pride cavalcades into foreign parts ?

I made a little experiment to try and improve on card soldiers. I like my card soldiers and consider they are a good solution to representing figures at small scales and go well with the card ships.A drawback with them is the opaque background they come with. Cutting the figures out at this size is not an option.

Reasoning that a transparent background could hide the card-ness of the card figures printed some off on transparency acetate to create some Trans-(parent)-Warriors.

First impressions not so bad...

But, sadly, the improvement was not without a down side.
The degree of transparency is just too great. They look quite colourful and translucent but when stood against anything tend to disappear. Quite a nice representation of some modern high-tech camouflage technology but not good at this scale to have vanishing troops.
Now you see them. Now you don't..
 To see the Trans-Warriors alongside the card ones shows up how much easier their dull cousins are to see and also to handle. 
Greeks, Trans-Warriors and.. is that a Gay Pride float ?
This long-sighted 'mature'- gamer reluctantly has to admit that not all good ideas have a practical application. As a consolation I have discovered a great way to make fire and smoke markers!

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