Saturday, 3 January 2015


Wargamer Tom Young has some fine photos of a whole fleet of Trieres in 28mm?scale on his blog 'Tides of War'. He has done a scenario based on the battle of Notium in 407BC - the one where the orders 'Do nothing' got reinterpreted as 'Here's the fleet, have fun while I'm away'.

Nice photos of very nice painted epibatai and a small horde of ships.
Click to go there.

I recommend a browse around Tom's blog to make you jealous of his painting and scenery.
He has a wife and kids and still has time to do all that.....hat off!

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  1. Thank you!! Right now I am in production mode building a modern town for my wife, so she can play some Walking Dead. Eventually we will get back to the Greek Historical battles. She loves Greek history as I do also. I always play Sparta!!!!