Friday, 20 May 2016


God, how I hate PINTEREST. A waste paper basket for acephalic web grazers. But this is about other pins...

The ships need oars. Many oars. At this scale a composite thing such as printed paper or scored plastic will not do..unfortunately.

I tried plastic bristles but they were too thick, Various wires but too thick or they bent.

The solution is dress-making pins. A trip to a haberdasher revealed more types of pin than I had imagined. So I got 28 30 and 38mm pins, And some funny looks. I tried to think of excuses but luckily there was no conversation and I escaped with the suspicion of eccentrism not being quite confirmed.

Pins are fine enough to look good for N-gauge ( I like that: N-gauge ships !)  and they are rigid enough to survive some handling.

The pins are secured by shoving them in and even though it takes a while the impression of mass and complexity is fabulous. Looking at so many 'oars.'- even though it's a model, gives a great impression of the mass of humanity and wood combined with intelligent organisation required to make a galley function.

Anyway .. onward. 3x170 or so to go,,,,,,and of course, if a ship modeller pricks his finger with an oar he will sleep for 100 years, so beware.

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