Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Disease is Spreading !

A nice blog post at 'Into the Mælstrom' on card galleys ! Keep up the good work Francesc!
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Go know you want to... try it out. As Sir Thomas Beecham said ' All things are worth trying once except  incest and folk dancing'. You don't even need a sense of rhythm to cut out and paste card ships together!
Hmm.. Beecham's Rule has been broken


  1. Hi, Great blog. You have inspired me to try out the Hotz ship models. But what about your own? I saw on a few posts that you were designing your own models and would post them too but have not seen the final result nor links? jdalton (at) frontier DOT com DOT au

    1. Thanks John. My own ships are close to being made available but i have rules fo rthem to finish as well as a book... made a rod fo rmy own back. But they will come.
      Eric Hotz's ships are a little large for my purposes but can be printed smaller. They are a great invention - very neat construction and fine artwork. His ports towns and walls are also fantastic. The cost is trifling - the work to make them up is not, bu tth eresults are great.

    2. Ok, cool, I will watch and wait with keen anticipation for both the rules and models :-)