Thursday, 2 February 2017

Useless Critic

It seems Dr D'Amato cannot find his way around my blog.


I wrote..

Imperial Roman Warships 27 BC-193 AD (New Vanguard)
This book is on a par with its predecessor. It is full of errors and inconsistencies. The proof-reading is better than in the previous volume but the analysis and conclusions no better. One star is for nice photos of frescoes at Pompeii and Herculaneum. The author repeatedly shows a misunderstanding of how ancient galleys functioned. The reconstructive artworks are contrived and erroneus. In several places the author contradicts a statement by presenting evidence to the contrary. I have done a longer crit on my blog 'Rams Ravens and Wrecks'.
These books may send a whole cohort of people interested in galleys off in the wrong direction. Another arrives in February............


Andrea Salimbeti 1 day ago 
Ut supra. Consider that this is a useless critic, I am waiting to see clear the problems do you find in the book
Just a little note: I was not able to find the critics on my books on Your blogs. I saw also the critic to the Dhromon which will be published in the next book. It is clear, from them, that You are not acquainted with the works of Bonino and with the recent excavations of Yenicapi.
Best wishes
Raffaele D'Amato

He refers to these ?..
 YENIKAPI(link)- Byzantine ships from 9th century onward.
Yenikapi 4_ A 10th century galley. Highest surviving timbers show oarports. Interscalmium averaged 96cm. Oarbench sat below port on ends of the two futtocks.
Re. Bonino : I do not read Italian, but I would try if I could get the books.

Marco Bonino, Un sogno ellenistico: le navi di Nemi, Ospedaletto Pisa 2003 Seems to have been a misprint in Imperial Roman Warships which has 2013...
 Dettagli prodottoNon disponible.....

Dettagli prodottoNon disponible
 Dettagli prodottoNon disponible

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