Friday, 28 July 2017

Osprey Warship Books: Author's riposte to Italian Job

I have discovered Sr. D'Armato has pasted his replies from Amazon.US over to my comments here. Not sure how long they have been there. But I still have not so much time to go through and give them the time and space I would like to. I used much time to give my views in the first place. The latest book awaits close perusal but I have other fish to fry just now.
Actually, I was really trying to blow the bloody doors off!

If I just accept them as comments here on blogspot they seem to disappear onto the pages they are aimed at and they are incomplete . error in copy pasting for some reason. What to do ?

I have accepted them as comments as they are but you should go to AMAZON.US to the book reviews of the relevant Ospreys for Sr.D'Amato's complete posts.

Despite of your reluctance to show o Amazon your critics, what it is perfectly understandable, I have copied the many and posted here with my comments. I have omitted, when possible, your jokes and laughs, according to me only reflecting an instable and frustrate personality, touched with infantilism. Let’s begin with the critics to the Dromōn. Yes, the battle is Sena Gallica, 551, but the description of Procopius allows, according to me, the possibility to recreate a sensate reconstruction, based, as it is based here, on sources, and not a phantasy scene as You are calling it. You are saying: “My criticism of the galea-bireme-dromon ship stands. Elsewhere, Procopius clearly states that the ships of Belisarius reconquista were single-banked, cataphract, with possibly a lateen rig. (History of the Wars, Book III, xi). These were called dromon(es)” Although Procopius says (Procopius, DBV, 1,11) in the precise exposition of the expedition against the Vandals that the ships of on"

Here, here I say. And just have to add..Is that  reflex artillery  shooting Greek fire ?

Frustration. Yes, explicit I would think in what i blogged. At least, I hope so or I wasted all that sarcasm. Infantilism. Difficult one. Let others judge.  Instability. Language divides us again.

In this way readers can easily have access to Sr. D'Amato's  views on things and not just the view frm my jaundiced eyes while my gout agues me in the twilight of my years and until my arthritic hands can clunk over the keyboard again.

Meanwhile, Instead of a potter's wheel or some goldfish ....

Endy point. Infantilism prevails.

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