Wednesday, 22 November 2017

203 Men in a Boat : Stunning Build of Dusek's 1/72 Trireme Kit

Go to Dusek's site for a stunning set of photos which show modeller 'Mr Cryns' from Amsterdam's detailed and artistic build of their wooden kit. There are many authentic features added to the already excellent kit. The crew are individually modelled and it certainly beats the hell out of the usual  'three men and a panzer' type of diorama!
Go HERE to see the rest

The  basic wooden 1/72 kit is enhanced and manned with superb figures and the whole is beautifully painted. Makes me almost want to padlock my workshop forever...

Look at the photos in full screen..marvelous. Right click and 'open new link in new window' then click to enlarge - then you get thephoto  full size instead of the slideshow format.

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