Sunday, 7 January 2018


A few fotos of the reinforced fleet having at each other. All ships are Threes,
The velour base cloth is at its best here. It looks alive and no hexes...
A squadron prepares to get under way from a hidden cove. Commander has a pennant.

An Athenian drone captures the Laconian fleet forming up.

The Athenians in the distance. Laconian fleet prepares an ambush behind Holy Island.
Athenians coming up in file. Ambush awaits behind Holy Island.
The land is polystyrene. Temple is a 3D-printed Parthenon (not finished painting it yet, those metope friezes are tricky at this scale....).


  1. good looking scenery and ships. Question regarding rules. I am looking for a set that will allow large scale ancient fleet actions that will play fairly quickly. many of the rule sets that I have read are better suited for only a few ships per player. any recommendations?

  2. My biased answer would be 'my own'. I have a set of 1/3000 for use with Outpost's tiny ships. The problem is always space. At 1/600 only a skirmish is possible outside a dance hall. You need more than 3 metres for 2km of battlefield. 1/3000-1/3600 makes original battlefields doable on a table. I hope to have a booklet for sale at easter. Otherwise try to make your own. I know of no recommendable set. Ad Mari Bellum(To battle from the sea -a pirate raid ?) is ok for tens of ships. Poseidon's Warriors is not much of a game.