Tuesday, 12 March 2019


 While the red trihemiolia attempts to block 3 pirates......

Green and blue line up for attacks on the other group.

 Blue's rowers are in better form and they surge ahead to hit the lembus amidships. Damage is heavy and the pirate command group throws badly, so badly they throw themselves in the drink ......

Rhodos City 1 Piratical Academicals 0

A gap in the foto record here but we can see that up in the NW quadrant red successfully dashed forward and smote a pirate pristis with great force. 
Goodnight Vienna! bravely sang they with suspiciously  Syrian accents as they went down.
While Red did this the two others in the area tried to slip through the centre.
The Rhodians counter by Red slammiung into reverse and pulling round sharply to get in the fight again. While Blue, flushed with victory also speeds astern toward the centre.

Meanwhile Green enjoys a flat-out race with the other pristis which tries to use all its rowers' available energy to stay ahead. But my obols are all on the trihemiolia. (streamers streaming nicely).

 Another shot of the central situation
 Closer view of lembus and pristis trying to make a run across the centre. (streamers also streaming).

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