Monday, 1 April 2019


The obstreperous Sidetans are to be put in their place by a Seleukid flotilla.
The Nine'Poseidon' leads two Fours, Apollo and Arrow and two 'friends' the lembi 'Speed' and 'Quick. Poseidon is stuffed with troops and 4 catapults (3-span). Each Four has a 3-span in the bows.
The Sidetans have no big ships but they have fast ones. Threes are 'Alacrity', 'Dolphin' and 'Medea'. Also two sharks, 'Biter' and 'Dangerous'. No catapults and less deck fighters.

The Sidetans scatter while the Seleukids stay in a block.
 The Seleukids have to decide which group to go after, or all?

Arrow makes a charge at Alacrity but misses. Alacrity swoops behind Arrow to get into a dangerous position.

 Arrow is now directly behind Poseidon. Best possible position.
Following turn was tense to see who got to move first. The lembus could block the Three if it got in first or Poseidon might be just able to get out of the way....

Arrow gets to go first ! Good crew and speed. It lines up on Poseidon's stern and the oars dig deep for a charge!

Arrow whacks into the steering oar and stern of Poseidon...
Some missiles fly over to Arrow from the Seleukid flagship but the damage is done.
Arrow gets maxiumum damage on Poseidon and just has to pull away successfully....

All ships scratchbuilt 10mm scale. Figures Magister Militum.

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