Tuesday, 29 October 2019


After a a break which has been too long I am back to crank the blog into life again.

The book project has been slower than hoped and sucks the life out of everything else, but the light is visible a long way down the tunnel...on the plus side I have some new ideas on tactics, running the ships and there is so much to say - maybe another book ?

I aim now to post two pieces each week. One dealing with history/archaeology and the other with gaming/visits/books/etc.

Histarch pieces to come....

Tuna and triereis- The fabulous eternal links between the Mediterranean diet and galley warfare.

Shed Wars - The sawdust and soil flies when archaeologists are in dispute.

Shooting at sea in the pre-gunpowder era - Could a ballistics computer help with catapult accuracy?

The Fire weapon- Some ideas go up in smoke, and I nearly do too.


Figures for deck fighters and rowers - which ones ?What scale ? Where from ?

Large scale models of galleys for gaming - how I make mine

Book reviews to come...

Une nave Punica

Zea Harbour II - The latest volume on the naval docks of ancient Athens.

If you have a topic you would like me to address I would be happy to put something together,
Just put a comment in.


  1. If you could review "Une Nave Punica" in time for Xmas, I would be very grateful.

    1. Seeing your comment in 2020 June 20. Blogger comment system is ...poor. ANyway.. dont buy the book. Unless out of sheer curiosity. It is a ship modellers project with little real data to guide him despite lots of references. Nice model shame about the failure to look at Greek and Roman Oared Warships by Morrison and Coates.

  2. Followed your blog with enthusiasm for ages. Have begun to work on a Salamis refight to mark 2500 years. Rules seem to be drifting towards your Outpost 1/3600 model efforts. I was a member of the Trireme Trust for years. Ran some sea trials, done some dynamics modelling - now all published. Thought I'd try to make more direct - email? - contact. Best regards, Andrew Taylor

  3. Hi Andrew. Replied-to . otherwise defunct ;)