Saturday, 20 June 2020


And now, as the fairy lights blaze to a a crescendo of fairylightness..

My own 10mm scale constructions. Here comes a batch of triereis plus a version of the great Leontophoros maybe ..

The oars are specific type of dress-maker's pin. Yes - pushed in one by one...until I made a small jig to put several in at a time. They have to be swept back so much to reduce space taken on the table.

The men are Magister Militum 10mm. Some painted by Wild Duck Trading some by me.
The ship style is a little exaggerated to give them character and let them differ from each other.

These are fully decked triereis of late Peloponnesian Wars era to 350 or so.With hide side-screens.

A large flagship of 4th century Successors - maybe Leontophoros..
(oops towers not completely painted yet!)

And so we bid farewell to the parade of Peloponnesisk triereis....

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