Tuesday, 10 November 2009


A crucial aspect which highlights the capabilities of different ships.

Turning should not be complicated but should not fail to show differences between ships and crews.

In some rules turns are achieved with a template, in others with angular measurement, in others a grid is there for guidance.

A template is the answer because I dont want to use a grid and it provides a solid reference which avoids measurement disputes.

When a ship turns it does not just go round a track like a railway waggon but pivots as it turns - this should be covered. As should the ability to turn in place.

Turning at the extremes of the ships capability will reduce speed and may be uncertain due to the reactions of the oarsemen, waves and the helmsman. This could lead to uncertainty of some kind in achieving a turn which is relevant at 1/300 scale but might not be at 1/1200.

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