Thursday, 12 November 2009


A grid solves this problem but I don't want a grid. How does one manage turning models without leaving rom for argument or making things impossibly complex ?

A thorny problem. Turning templates can come in various forms :

  1. track-like template which ship is driven round curve on

  2. inner-curve of turn which the ship follows round

  3. tiles for each move segment laid out to fill a whole course

  4. template rigid and laid on table

  5. template flexible laid on table

  6. template rigid on legs so can stand over models

I tried with perspex templates. They look and feel great. BUT they are too cumbersome.

Tried with thick acetate - much better. Transparent and flexible. Should be laid on table.

To reproduce a ship's course in a turn the inside-curve type is not appropriate.

Tiles coul dbe good but many types needed. They should be available in quarter-moves for each ship type. Practicalities speak against them.

A track-type with apropriate width to show how the ship pivots is best. I mark quarter-moves on so any simultaneous-moved disputes can be resolved.

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