Thursday, 22 October 2015


Pirates now to be admonished by two squadrons of Athenians. 25 pirate triereis stand at bay across a strait between rocks and an island. Two squadrons of 10 Athenians approach.... 
Pirate squadrons in strait
Sea-level view
Something on the horizon
Aaaah..Athenians - 2 squadrons
Athenian rush to diekplous rebuffed and threatened from flank as Pirates take close formation.
Pursuing Pirates find Athenians make anastrophe and attempt diekplous
Pursuers decimated and sent packing
Close-order Pirates back water.... to safety ?

Periplous view
Open formation approaches Pirates.
Pirates backed into a small cove
Athenians take close formation and attack
Takes a few rounds but the pirates suffer in the close melee
Inevitable end..Pirates surrender.
Underdogs need more chance to damage superior side.
Alternate move working ok in preference to interleaved phases. Less confusing and gives more tension.
Nervos velour makes a fantastic sea !

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