Sunday, 18 October 2015

Tiny Triereis take to the seas again

Time to dust-off the Outpost triereis and work on the big battle rules again.  
3 Athenian squadrons approach the entrance to the Crooked Straits, 4 Peloponnesian squadrons hope to keep them from getting through to break a blockade of an Athenian fort not far down the straits.

 The Athenians advance in line ahead. Squadron commanders shown by pennants.

  The Peloponnesians wait mostly in line, A patch of 'bad water' gives an eerie effect from the rising sun (flash). I am stil ambivalent about the use of models at this scale. It is the only way to do large battles but moving away from monitoring individual ships loses something from the appeal of galley combat maybe. The card ships are still my priority.

The ground scale is 1 to 1 with the ships. This means each base is about 1 stadion or 190metres on its long side. All ships are triereis but have differing characteristics according to build, crew quality, command quality and the nature of the squadron leader.

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